During & After Trial

  1. During Trial
  2. Sentencing

If the defendant pleads not guilty, a trial may be held. The victim is usually the state's most important witness and along with other witnesses will be subpoenaed for trial. Your testimony may be necessary even if you have given a previous statement or deposition in the case. The rules of court are such that these statements cannot be substituted for live testimony.

In most cases, the assistant state attorney will want to meet with you prior to the time you testify to review the questions that they may ask you. Please make sure to ask any questions you may have about your testimony at that time.

Every effort will be made to avoid having you wait too long to testify once you arrive at the courthouse. During the trial you must be very careful not to discuss the case with anyone outside the courtroom. Sometimes circumstances make this impossible and you may have to wait. We suggest that you bring a book or some other item to occupy your time. Be sure to dress appropriately.